History of Villa Cordignano

The seventeenth-century villa in the course of time

The events which sees protagonist Villa Brandolini Zanussi, also known as Villa Cordignano, are mainly linked to family vicissitudes as well as to local historical events.

The Rota family, founders of the seventeenth century villa, were of noble origins and came from Bergamo in San Cassiano (now Cordignano) during the second half of 1400. In 1750, the only heir of the family, Mary, married Count Girolamo Brandolini Cison transferring to their heirs and the Villa their surname Brandolini - Rota, which changed again in 1868, after the marriage of Count Hannibal with Leopoldina D'Adda, into Brandolini - D'Adda

The Rota family line of Cordignano became extinct with the death of Countess Margaret in 1952, her nephew Guido, of the Vistorta branch, succeeded and on his death his daughter Violante, who in 1968 sold the seventeenth century villa and the estate to Mrs. Angela Pavan Zanussi.

With regards to the historical events, the seventeenth century villa and grounds, were also marked by certain events during the war between Austria and France in the nineteenth century, amongst which we highlight that in 1815, 45,000 soldiers of the Austrian troops heading towards Treviso, passed and stopped some of their detachment in the historical Villa Cordignano. Otherwise passing onto the next century, the transformation of the entire estate into one of the many field hospitals in the early days of the retreat from Caporetto.

History of Villa Brandolini Zanussi

  • 1658-63 construction of the villa commissioned by Gregory Rota;
  • 1674 building of St. Francis as a private chapel and family burial ground;
  • 1750 the only family heir marries Count Girolamo Brandolini, the estate takes its name-Brandolini Rota;
  • 1868 wedding of Count Hannibal Brandolini d'Adda with Leopoldina D’Adda, the villa changes to Brandolini-D'Adda;
  • 1952 Countess Margaret dies without heirs, her nephew Guido succeeds and designs the actual park;.
  • 1966 after the death of Count Guido, his daughter Violante, due to the huge debts, was forced to sell at a public auction the seventeenth century villa and land;
  • 1968 the whole property is purchased by the actual owner Angela Pavan Zanussi.
Villa Brandolini Zanussi

Villa Brandolini Zanussi

Villa Brandolini Zanussi

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