Your Holiday in Veneto in an Antique Resort

Welcome to the holiday Resort Brandolini Rota immersed in the park which bears the same name as the Villa in ordignano (TV). It is located in the heart of Treviso, an area rich in history, tastes and nature, where you can relax and enjoy unforgettable weekends and holidays in the undisturbed peace of Venetian countryside. Our holiday apartments have been converted by restoring the office building of this seventeenth century historic home. They have been designed to accommodate sophisticated travelers who love beautiful objects and who desire to live different experience in Italy.

Treat yourself to a holiday in Veneto in one of our apartments, a gift to the mind and soul: the Holiday Resort is located in a strategic position to reach the historical and artistic masterpieces of North East Italy (Venice, Treviso, Padua, Udine, Trieste) as well as the most famous mountain and sea resorts. From our estate guests can explore and admire the area along beautiful picturesque routes to follow on foot, bicycle, motorcycle or car.

If you want to spend a weekend or a holiday in Veneto and Friuli between hilly landscapes, art and traditions, then visit our website and book a stay in Italy in one of our four apartments.

Tel: +39 366 4884945 / +39 0434 99072
Email: resortbrandolinirota@gmail.com
Visita e gusta i vini di Villa Ronche e Conte Brandolini

The Resort

For those who want to stay in our Resort there are 4 fully furnished apartments available.
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Visita e gusta i vini di Villa Ronche e Conte Brandolini

The Villa

Discover and admire the architectural beauties of this seventeenth-century villa and its beautiful park.
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Visita e gusta i vini di Villa Ronche e Conte Brandolini

The Cellar

Visit and enjoy the wines of Villa Ronche and Conte Brandolini, produced in the old cellar of the property.
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Google 3D Tour


Go to Google Street View and have a tour into the Resort. Discover the Park and find out the historical spaces of the Villa.

Resort Brandolini Rota - via Roma 147 - 31016 Cordignano (TV) - Phone: +39 366 4884945
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