The tour of the castles in the province of Pordenone

From the holiday Resort, located on the border with the province of Pordenone, you can go away for special tours in Friuli to discover a rich cultural reality made ??up of ancient traditions, crafts, historical and artistic testimonies.

Among the many routes we recommend the "tour of Castles". The route starts from Sacile and towers of Castel Vecchio and San Rocco, dating from the tenth century, to continue until Caneva and the eponymous castle. The building, dating back to 1000, was one of the main fortifications of the Patriarch of Aquileia.

Continuing along the "tour of Castles" Polcenigo we reach the Castle, a magnificent neo-classical structure with elements of the late Baroque whose original nucleus dates from the tenth century, and the ancient Castello d'Aviano, a classic example of medieval military architecture of which today there are only two towers, the remains of the male and parts of the walls.

Our tour of the castle goes up to the Tower of Pordenone and the imposing Castle Tower, the Archaeological Museum, built probably in the second half of the thirteenth century by the Patriarch of Aquileia and the Lords of Prata.

The route ends, finally, with the majestic castle of the Counts of Porcia, created in the thirteenth century. The tower probably dates back to the Thousand and preserves a interesting wall decorations from the nineteenth century.

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