In Treviso, a journey through history and art

From our estate is therefore possible to go away for a short tour of the Venetian Villas of the province of Treviso, many of which are again becoming landmarks in the area through tourism and cultural development farmhouse hospitality. The Villas of the Trevisan province propose to visitors quality food products (wines, cheeses, oils, etc..) and of great charm in hospitality and guest-farms, managing to give a new dimension to these old houses and offering hospitality of another era.

Do not miss a visit to nearby Villa Morosini Lucheschi in Colle Umberto, or to Palladio's Villa Emo at Fanzolo of Vedelago, also splendid Villa Tiepolo in Carbonera Steps and Villa Barbaro at Maser on the slopes of the hills of Asolo. For those who want it can go even further south and visit the Venetian villas of Treviso along by the Novotel. To explore the local heritage through a tour of the villas of Treviso is a unique opportunity to explore a fascinating and unexpected territory. 

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