Sporting holidays

Holidays in Veneto and Friuli for everyone

Weekends and holidays in Veneto are possible without giving up your favorite sport! Even the more active and demanding guests who feel the need to devote themselves to their hobby 365 days a year, can enjoy an all-round sport holiday at the Brandolini Rota Resort, thanks to the nearby sport centers.

If you are seeking an original gift idea, you can plan your stay at the Resort possibly combining it with tickets to play golf at one of the nearby golf courses or other facilities. Cultivate your passion while on vacation is easy.

Near the resort you will find:

  • Caneva Tennis Club: 6.7 km
  • Association Tennis Center : 11.6 km
  • Riding Club Conegliano: 14 km
  • Golf Club Castel d'Aviano: 20,4 km
  • Gof Cansiglio Club: 12 km
  • Sport Fishing c / o Holy Cross Lake: 18,5 km

Resort Brandolini Rota - via Roma 147 - 31016 Cordignano (TV) - Phone: +39 366 4884945
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