Restoration Works

Preservation of historic residence

From an awareness point of view on recovery and restoration of Venetian villas, also Villa Brandolini Rota feels the need to undertake significant interventions in this regard. To date, the restoration works done on the residence have focused mainly on the old administration building that now houses some apartments, on the BARCHESSA, the barn and the farmer's house,which respectively have become a modern winery, a licensed shop and the company’s head-office. Also the old stables have been transformed into a warehouse.

The other buildings, first amongst all the villa, have been uninhabited for more than forty years, only the former chapel of St. Francis is currently undergoing a careful renovation that will transform it into a small archaeological museum room.

Funds for the restoration of Venetian villas

The estate has already received a contribution from the regional funds for the restoration of Venetian villas, but the interventions which still need to be implemented are quite challenging and require the intervention of additional funding. .

The entire estate properly restored, would enable for the development of tourism and business, and this makes it very attractive to real estate investments. For those interested and would like to make an inspection or receive the plans you can contact us by sending an email (see also page Complex Real Estate).

Villa Brandolini Zanussi

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