Villa Veneta park

The core player of the historical houses of Treviso

As for every respected historical villa in the Veneto region, also Villa Zanussi is inserted harmoniously in the context of a beautiful park . The park has a spectacular avenue of Tilia cordata and is adorned with 50 seventeenth century statues in Istrian stone and grey sandstone.
Historic homes in Treviso traditionally aimed at “fusing” architecture and nature, here the sculptures (pagan gods, mythological groups, months, seasons, lords and ladies) create an interesting perspective game between the long central avenue and the two side accesses . The park even if not very extensive is filled with a remarkable variety of plants among which the typical bamboo grove (Phyllostachys aurea), a presence in every colonial house in Veneto.

The park of the Venetian villa and the rural vocation

In the past, historic homes in the Treviso area were centers of agricultural production: we are in Veneto, a region with a very strong rural tradition, and even here most of the land was occupied by crops (arable land, fruit trees, vegetables, flowers) . Villa Zanussi continues today its ancient farming traditions by producing fine wines (36 hectares of vineyards cultivated by " Villa Ronche ").
The actual garden which was used by the owners for their recreation, occupied a small area in front of the historic house and was enclosed by the two wings of the building and the linden trees which at the end of the avenue opened into an exedra. It was not until 1952 that the last count Guido, realized the current park of the Venetian villa, by occupying a wide swath of land on the right of the main avenue and the area which was used for flowers.

Villa Brandolini Zanussi

Villa Brandolini Zanussi

Villa Brandolini Zanussi

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